Monday, February 29, 2016

Week of 15 February through 29 February 2016

We had a slow week 15th February.  Our family we have been reading the Book of Mormon with came down with the flu one at a time.  On Friday 19 February, my grandson William turned 18, will graduate this June and is planning on a mission this summer.

We attended our District Training meeting in the morning on 19 February, we were the teachers this week.  We taught on the Grace of God.  Most people believe that the Lord makes up after all we have done but that is not so.  He has already paid the debt, he paid it all, there is no after all we can do He makes up the difference,  Jesus makes ALL the difference.  We in turn are to show appreciation for what Jesus Christ did, by using it to live our live like His.  It went very well as there was a great discussion among the other couple missionaries.

We then attended the funeral of our neighbor and friend the afternoon of Friday 19 February, it was hard to say bye to him but because of the Plan of Salvation we know we will see him again and still have this friendship we had here on earth.  His death has touched many lives of his wife's family as they are not members.  Her parents are grateful that she belongs to "our" church as she has seen the outpouring of love and support towards her daughter.

We met with our neighbors in back of us and to the east of us, an older couple who have been active all their lives but due to health they now are unable to attend church.  The Johnson's are a delightful couple, very attentive to each other.  We had a wonderful visit with them, they told us they use to serve at the MTC for the senior missionaries playing the roll of investigators, we asked them if we could practice on them and they were happy to do so, this way they will get some gospel lessons.

Sunday 21 February we had our usual 8:00 AM ward mission leaders meeting along with the Elders and was given a few names from some of the ward leaders to visit.  It always boggles my mind when it's a couple who has been married in the temple, taken those sacred covenant's and the husband has served a mission and they have  gone inactive.  Just don't understand, but they are the ones we reach out to and help t them to understand those blessing that await them if they come back to Christ and honor those sacred covenant's.  We attended a ward conference at 9:00 AM,  The theme of all of the ones we have attended so far has been on the Sabbath Day observance.   Our Stake President spoke and this time he spoke to the females about knowing who they are and not to compare ourselves with others.  Also, it's ok to say NO, don't over schedule so much that we are frazzled.  Know that they are daughters of God who loves them and knows them.   The spirit was so strong while he spoke.  We spoke at 11:00 AM in the first ward which went well as we had three people come up to us and gave us names to visit including the bishop.

The following week was a bit more busy, we visited a couple of widows, they enjoy having the senior missionaries visit.  One sister had served a mission in England where Ray had served but a few years earlier, they had much to talk about.  Our visits went well that week.  We are reading with another young family, he's a member, she is not, they have stopped the Elders from coming for a while, she felt rushed but enjoys us coming once a week and reading the Book of Mormon with her and her husband.

Our other family we've been reading with since the first week in January has had to cancel for various reasons but one is that he went back into his old ways, back into a club and now he is not sure of anything he's been taught, trying to find excuses for his actions, he said he missed the atmosphere and enjoyed it.  The spirit about him has left him, it was there up until he went into Satan's territory.  One cannot have the spirit and step onto the evil side as well, one cannot serve two masters and I have seen this so clearly now.  We are sad over this, but it's about making choices and having agency but any choice one makes, one does not have control over the consequences.  I hope some day he will and his wife will put their desire to be an eternal family ahead of the worldly ways.

Our visits this past week has included a young man from the Marshall Islands who has been a member for a year.  He lives with a wonderful family in his ward.  We are working with him to get to the temple for his endowments.  He enjoys performing baptisms for those who have passed on.

Sunday 28 February, we attended our own ward for the entire three house block, we nice to be among our ward members.  At 1:30 PM we attended another ward conference which was another spiritual feast.

Today, Monday 29 February, we took our friend and neighbor who lost her husband recently, her daughter who lives with her and our neighbor to the Provo City Temple open house this morning.  The daughter is a non-member, she was really touched by it.  We had planned on taking her step dad as well a few weeks ago but that is when his health declined with cancer rapidly.  It was a sweet moment with them.  I am including the picture of us.

The gospel is so true.   I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, for the Atonement and His grace.  For eternal family and friends.  Grateful for the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon which testifies of our  Savior and of his doctrine.  I am grateful for a living prophet, even President Thomas S. Monson and the Twelve Apostles who are called to witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Provo City Center Temple open house with
Rita, Kristie and her daughter Bonnie, Sister and Elder Morley