Monday, June 27, 2016

Week of 20-26 June 2016

It's been quite the week, visited a few families again, with the summer here many are gone on vacation or have other activities to do.  Other senior couples and full time Elders are having the same thing happening, their teaching pools are down. 

We have been teaching a temple preparation class on Sunday night, we just finished lesson 3 of 7.  Two of the participants is a young lady who has received her mission call and went through the temple for the first time almost two weeks ago, she was able to share her feelings and experience and looks forward to the rest of the lessons so it will help her understand the temple better.  The other young person is a young man who is preparing for his mission, great spirit about him.  Another person is a widow who is our neighbor, she is so darling.  Then there is the couple who had come once together and the wife came alone last night.  Her husband struggles with how he see's church members act, not separating their actions from the gospel.  He's a good man and we'll keep reaching out to him and his wife.

We gave a FHE lesson to a family  we have been working with.  The husband is in his mid 40's, been on a mission, a few years ago had a heart attack and has other medical problems including obesity so he doesn't get around too well.  He doesn't hold a job but his wife is working full time.  They have four beautiful children from 8-17 years old.  There is a lot of negative going around starting with the dad and trying to force the kids to like pray or sit in a certain place.  Once they got it all settled I gave the lesson on Choices taken from President Monson's four minute General Conference talk in April 2016 and another talk on your four minutes by Elder Gary Stevenson in 2013, it was a 10 minute lesson which I showed a 1 minute video on choices by Elder Ridd of the Seventy.  Their 11 year old had made brownies for dessert.  I pray that this will help each one in the family to think of their choices.  They are a lovely family but I feel with the dad's health problems and the mother being the sole bread winner it's taken a toll on the family, oh, by the way, they are living with her father who is single so he is not quite about them living there either.  We will keep visiting and praying for them.  Elder Morley did challenge the father to hold FHE next Sunday and we'll check with them to see how it went.

We have appointments every day this week so we are looking forward to all the visits.

Yesterday was a sweet Sabbath day for us as grandparents.  My youngest daughter's son, William has received his mission call to serve in the Scottsdale Arizona Mission.  He spoke at his mission farewell yesterday on the Restoration of the Gospel, did great.  He told us how he's always wanted to serve a mission but then a 1 1/2 years ago started doubting, this past year he really pondered and made the decision he really wanted to serve  a mission.  He mentioned about two missionaries who taught his dad in California and if it wasn't for them he wouldn't be here.  He thanked his friends for being good friends, his parents for their example.  For his mom encouraging him to run with her as he has ran track at school for the past six years, I will miss not seeing him run cross country, indoor and outdoor track but will look forward reading his letters.  Serving our mission along with him and his cousin who  will be going later this year.

His Stake President spoke for a few minutes asking William to stand beside him.  William is known in the ward and friends as Iron Will.  He has amazing endurance on Trek a few years ago and on the priests Sons of Helaman which they climbed Mount Baldy, at each stop William would always be the first one to that area then would encourage the other boys they could make it.  He then told us how over the years he has pondered about Meekness, what is meek?  He said while William was speaking the spirit bore witness to him that William is Meek, that is what meekness is.  He was very emotional as he spoke which many of us were emotional as well. 

Elder William Cannon
called to serve in the
Scottsdale Arizona Mission

His father, a good man in the law enforcement, had gone less active, today has touched his heart and he said it's time to come back so when William comes home from his mission he can attend the temple with him.  His parents were married in the temple, when he started working UHP he stepped off the path of activity, but such a support to his family which I grateful for.  Missions bring miracles to so many, family, strangers, wards, so many of  God's children. 

I am so grateful for our mission, for our son's and daughters-in-law who have served and now for our grandchildren who are making that choice to serve Heavenly Father and His children.

I so enjoy working with the Bishop's, Stake President and counselor, high councilmen over missionary work, our young Elders, Ward mission leaders and the members of the wards in the stake.  The gospel is so true.