Tuesday, August 2, 2016

11 July to 2 August 2016

It's been awhile since I wrote in my blog as I had surgery on the 11 July and again 1 August.  In early June I was diagnosed with breast cancer; Ductal Carsonoma in-site cancer, a non stage nor is it non evasive.  It was in one location only which I am so grateful for.   On Monday 11 July I had a lumpectomy to remove the cancer tissue but with the pathology report coming back saying there was one small area which the margins of safety was not removed so yesterday I had a re-lumpectomy which that area was removed.  I will start five days, six weeks of radiation treatments the latter end of August.  I am grateful to all who has cared for me at Timanogos Hospital and for Dr Jennifer  Tittensor.

Our missionary work has slowed down to keep my lack of energy pace but we have been able to pray and be guided by the spirit who we are to visit and teach for now.  Our couple who she is a member and he is working his way back into membership; we continue to teach them.  The wife has just retired from working.  His application for re-instated into the church is at the First Presidency office and he waits so humbly and patiently to hear from them.  So many blessings have come to this family including their son and wife.  Their son was out of work for over a year and has been blessed to have a job at an airline in the IT department.  He's been serving in the Elders Quorum presidency and this past Sunday was sustained and set apart as the Elders Quorum President.  When we visited his parents this past Sunday on 31 July, he and his family were there.  If they are there when we visit they always sit with us, beautiful couple.  He is endowed and his wife is not but they are working towards that time when they will be sealed as an eternal family.  We have become good friends and love them so much.   I have seen how the gospel changes peoples lives through them.

Our other young couple we have been reading the Book of Mormon to had a flood in their basement apartment; we finally were able to visit them Thursday 28th July, we had a wonderful visit with them, they have had some hard challenges in the past two months.  I asked them if we could start back with them in reading the Boo of Mormon with them and they agreed.  We also feel that her husband who is a member but holds no priesthood that he needs to be with us all the time, that maybe he is feeling left out seeing it's his wife they taught several months ago.  We have a new set of Elders and tonight, 2 August, Ray along with the Elders will start reading with them again and invite her and her husband to have the discussions again.

Also on the 28th July, we visited a darling young couple with one daughter, I wanted to visit them as their last name is Romrell.  I am related to Romrell's through my dad's mother and her family who came from the Channel Islands after being taught by John Taylor before he became the prophet.  His great great grandpa is my great grandpa George Romrell.  He doesn't know a lot about this family so I was able to tell him how they came to Utah and how many of them ended up in Sugar City Idaho where he was born.  He mentioned he was given a VHS tape someone made of the Romrell family, but he can't play it and doesn't know where it is.  I told him I had mine transferred onto a DVD which I will load him, he was excited to be able to watch it.  He is an airline pilot so he has crazy days off.  He is also excited to know more about his Romrell family.  Family history and missionary work go together and I love both of them.

Our districts and zones were changed at the first of July so for our first district meeting with Elder and Sister Hicks, they had us at night and had a wonderful lesson on finding those to teach.  They sang happy birthday to Ray as it was his birthday that night of 22 July.  Our assist to the president for senior missionaries was there, Elder and Sister Van Orman.  They served homemade ice cream afterwards.

We finished our temple preparation class we taught for 7 weeks, it ended up with our two young adults, and Sister Nelson but she had to miss the last two lessons so we'll teach her in her home later this month.

This week I will not be going out to do missionary work but Elder Morley will with the Elders and some ward mission leaders.  Our Stake Presidency is amazing, they are so supportive to us an the Elders. 

Sunday 31 July, we had a 7:00 AM meeting with President Raines, his counselor over missionaries President Duncan along with the two high councilmen as well as the Elders and us.  We split into two groups and for 20 minutes visited with a bishop and his ward mission leader going over non members, less active, non baptized and prospective elders.  We picked up six new families to visit and hopefully teach as well.  The Elders picked up a lot.  President Raines was concerned as we and the Elders visit a lot but not a lot of teaching.  The meeting was very helpful.

On a personal note again.  On 5 July, my grandson William was set apart as a full time missionary, he entered the MTC on 6 July and flew to his mission on Monday 25 July to Scottsdale Arizona which the temp was 112, he wrote saying it was brutally hot.  He has a good senior companion and they are on bikes which is good for him seeing he has ran track for the past six years ant his will keep his legs strong.  They have two baptisms this coming Saturday the 6th August.  He has grown so much spiritually in such a short period of time and yet he's kept his humor.  It's humbling to have a grandson serving same time we are.  We have another grandson who will be serving something in the next couple of months.  I got word from my oldest sister that her granddaughter received her mission call to the Scottsdale Arizona mission, she and William are second cousins and have never met so this will be exciting for them to meet doing the Lord's work.

I want to close bearing my testimony of the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior.  I have learned this past month how powerful prayer is, how many prayers in my behalf I have felt.  I have nothing but gratitude that this cancer was found so early and it's not life threatening.  I am so grateful for the Holy Priesthood and those who honor it and exercise it in ones behalf.  I have felt nothing but gratitude and humbleness through all this.  I have felt peace from the beginning that I am in the Lord's hands and His will will be done.  I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, I know what we teach is true and living the gospel is the only way to happiness not only in this life but for eternity.  I am grateful to be serving our mission together.  I am looking forward to joing my companion again in this great work next week.