Monday, February 6, 2017

6 February 2017

What a glorious weekend Elder Morley and I had.  In January 2016 just a couple of weeks after finishing the MTC, we were asked by our Elders Edlinger and then just new that day, Elder Fairbanks if we would meet this family Elder Edlinger and his former companion Elder McDonough had been teaching for the past several months.  The husband had been less active for several years and the wife was a non member, they have one son about 17 months old at the time.  They had taught her all the discussions and more but she just wasn't getting it so they asked us to meet them on the 13th January 2016 and start reading the Book of Mormon with her.  We met the family and loved them from the start.  Sister Kaylie Steggell and I had something in common, both beauticians, she is the manager of the beauty supply store I started going to since moving to Lehi.  Cole, her husband and their son Linkyn.

The next day, 14th January 2016, we started reading the Book of Mormon with them inviting Cole to join in, we started with the Introduction to the Book of Mormon then challenged them to read the three witnesses and the eight witnesses testimony which they did for the following meeting.  We would take turns reading so many verses and would ask her if she understood what we had read and she was say no so we would explain it to her.  After a couple of months she was understanding what we would read.

In mid summer we felt prompted to give both her and her husband the discussions again which we did and them and the scriptures all made sense to her.   We also felt impressed to give their son Linkyn the Stories from the Book of Mormon book to him for his parents to read to him; we we gave it to them Cole remembered his mom reading from it.  They read it together as a family each nigh as well as having their family prayers.  As the discussions continued Cole would remember what he had been taught in  his youth.

Towards the end of the year the bishop had started to meet with them especially with Cole to work with him so he could advance in the priesthood as he was a teacher.  Kaylie wanted him to baptize her but he had a ways to go before he could be ordained to the office of priest and when she knew it was time to be baptized she and Cole were ok about someone else doing it.

During the year we worked with their Ward Mission Leader who was the Steggell's neighbor and good friends, when he was released in the fall Brother Nielsen was called and became quick friends with them as well.  Because of their involvement, Kaylie asked the current ward mission leader Brother Nielsen to baptize her and the former leader Brother Gramse to confirm her.  The Elders Edlinger and McDonough were able to attend the baptism as well and they both offered the prayers.  Ray spoke on baptism and I told how we came into their lives.

We have grown to love this darling family, they have had their ups and downs but have seen and had miracles in their lives which they acknowledge God's hands in their lives.  The baptism was well attended and the spirit was so strong.  Her confirmation the next day in fast and testimony meeting was the same, she said as the brethren laid their hands on her head she felt like goose bumps going up there neck and body.

Now to continue to work with them and help them get to the temple next year.  We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to teach the Steggell's, to see how the gospel does change lives for the better if they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith.  The gospel is wonderful.

We were unable to do much missionary work the past two weeks as I was with two teenage grandkids while their parents were in Hawaii, just being there to get them where they needed to go and have an adult with them which was a wonderful week except while there I came down with what I thought to be a cold then laryingitis then upper respiratory but as I returned home and my husband took me to the Dr's, it ended up being pneumonia so I have been confined to the house out of the cold yucky air for the past week-and-a-half but feeling much better.  Elder Morley has been able to go with the Elders and we have another senior MLS couple in our stake from our ward, Elder and Sister Baird so they have been a huge help as well.
Elder &  Sister Morley with Kaylie Steggell

Us with Cole, Kaylie, Linkyn Steggell and ward mission leader Brother Nielsen

Kaylie & Linkyn Steggell with the original Elders McDonough on left, and Edlinger 

I was blessed to be able to attend the baptism and confirmation.  The gospel is true, Jesus is our Savior, the Atonement is real and for us daily, how grateful I am for our Savior's sacrifice in our behalf, the love he has for us.  

Monday, January 9, 2017

2nd January to 8th January 2017

After putting away the indoor Christmas decorations which is sad for me each year, we visited a couple whom their bishop had asked us to visit.  They are in their late 50's, the wife is very active but the husband for some reason has gone less active the last couple of years.  He served a mission in Seoul South Korea which was an opener for me as I have two Korean daughters-in-law so we talked a little about Korea as I have been their twice.

We noticed the many colonial pictures in their home; they invited us to sit and visit with them then they told us about his love of colonial times and history in general.  Well, that opened up a dialogue with he and Elder Morley as Ray's major in college was American History.  He has quite a collection of WW II vehicles which one is a jeep which runs; in fact he has been in several parades dressed as General MacArthur.  By the way, their house number is 1776, really and their home is a colonial style.

We had a delightful visit with them and 1 1/2 hours later when it was going on dinner time we said we needed to go, they didn't want us to leave but they did show us the jeep and invited us to come back which we will.  When we reported our visit to the bishop he said that he visits very well if he feels he can trust the person which it sounds like he did trust us.  He's and his wife are wonderful people, we look forward going back.

Our little family we teach on Tuesday was too sick for us to visit at all this week.  I was able to help a 13 year old granddaughter on family history, helping her to know how to clear a name to take to the temple and print the card out at home, she was so thrilled to do this.  Then I was on Skype with my brother in North Carolina helping him with some family history.

With our weather so frigid cold this past week, we chose not to go out in it at night but did contact some of our people who we could like the Hardinger's, a couple close to our age, we've become close friends.  He is waiting for permission to be re-baptized, such a humble man.

We attended our own fast and testimony meeting yesterday then the 5th ward's as well, such a spirit in both wards.  it's nice to attend other wards to meet the members.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good Bye 2016 and Hello 2017

It's been a several months since I last entered anything on our mission post.  Last time was in August when I had my second Lymphectomy which came back not like we had hoped so two weeks later on 15th August I had a single mastectomy and two lymph nodes removed as well as reconstruction was started.  I was to be in the hospital two days and 24 hours later they surgeon who is an amazing woman and surgeon sent me home as I was not experiencing any pain.  In fact, through all three surgeries I never experienced pain, not pain medication; discomfort at times yes but nothing to warrant pain medication.

This cancer journey has been a blessing and I am grateful for what I and Elder Morley and my family have learned that our Savior atoned for each of us individually, the Atonement is real, personal; he chose to take what pain I should have experienced so I could recover and heal quicker and continue on in His work.  I am humble and grateful beyond words for his eternal, personal love.  Each time I partake of the sacrament it had become so personal to me, He did do it for me, for you.

I am now 4 1/2 months since the surgery, we were able to at five weeks continue our mission visits and teaching.  I will have my implant the end of February.

We passed our year on the 28th December, it's gone by so fast, we have six months left and we are wanting to do all we can inviting others to come unto their Savior.  We have been visiting a young couple with a now a two year old darling, active boy for 11 months now. She had been taught the discussions but just couldn't understand and connect what was taught to her so the Elders asked us to visit them and read the Book of Mormon with them and what a testimony it is to see it open up hearts and minds as she now has an understanding of the gospel and the scriptures.

In the summer we had a feeling to repeat the discussion but this time to invite her husband to sit in on them.  He is a member and holds the office of Teacher but has been less active for years and had picked up some habits but a great young man.  Since we have given them both the discussions he has quit his tea drinking, they are attending church and with the help of former and current Ward Mission Leaders, she has set her baptism date for 4th February 2017.  She has such a testimony, she never had any word of wisdom problem, no immoral, she was pretty much living the standards of the church.  We love this young couple and he was afraid when his wife gets baptized that they wouldn't see us anymore but we assured them they will see us seeing they will be working towards a temple sealing in 2018.

We have also been visiting and teaching under the direction of the bishop an older couple in their 60's, she's a member and he lost his membership several years ago and has never made an excuse to why, he took it and paid the price.  He is such a humble man, he knows the gospel but his bishop asked us to give them the discussions as well which we have.  We still visit and always leave a message.  They too have become good friends with us.  When I was down with my last surgery, she was wanting to see me but that night was busy packing for her early flight out but then a knock at the door and there they stood with her famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

We have had many opportunities to visit and teach many in our stake; some accept the invitation to come back and others not but we stay in touch with them and they know we care about them.  Christmas time was a good time to visit each one and take them a little goodie, many sweet times with many of them.  We are visiting two families with the Elders, love these young men as we feed them lunch every Tuesday then correlate our work with them.

We are serving as District Leaders since October and enjoy our couples in our district.  We enjoyed attending 6 of the 8 wards Christmas parties which gave us an opportunity to mingle with the ward members.

Now on  a personal note.  We have two grandsons serving missions.  My youngest daughter's only son William is serving in Scottsdale Arizona and will be out 6 months next week.  He has grown so much  and has had many baptisms.  He was hit while on his bike but was protected; his left wrist was inured but after a couple of weeks with a brace on it he's fine.  The guy driving the car did't stop as they Elders had the right of way and luckily he was not going fast.

Our other grandson, Kyle who is the only son of my second son just arrived in NY NY North Mission on the 27th December, the mission posted pictures of the group arriving in NY and it was so fun seeing pictures of Kyle. Both of these boys have grown up together and now to share in serving missions.  Our family gatherings are a bit lonely without them but they are also a blessing.

I bear testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is our Savior and Redeemer.  The Atonement is real, it is for each of us.  I know without a doubt Joseph Smith was and is a prophet who was called and ordained int he pre-existence to bring forth the restoration of the gospel and of  the Book of Mormon.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God that it contains the fullness of the gospel.  Reading it this year has witnessed to me that it was talking of our times as I was compared what I was reading and what was going on in our world.  It is so clear that if we strive to be our best and live the commandments we will be blessed but those who are rebellious and fight against the truth will be destroyed.  We know the end and who will win and like Elder Holland has said, why wouldn't you want to be on the winning side?

We were blessed to have Elder Ballard speak to us in December, how blessed to be in the presence of an apostle of our Lord.  We have been so blessed in serving this MLS mission.  We have been able to still interact with our family, attending concerts, our family gatherings, farewell, setting apart.  This is truly an inspired mission for seniors.  As Elder Morley and I reflect back on our call, the Lord knew we needed to stay here for if we had been called away from our home I would not have been diagnosed early with my cancer as I was, it would have spread so I am so full of gratitude to a loving Heavenly Father and his son, my Savior Jesus Christ for their tender mercies.

I hope and plan on being better at keeping this blog up to date for the next 6 months.  A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017 New Year!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

11 July to 2 August 2016

It's been awhile since I wrote in my blog as I had surgery on the 11 July and again 1 August.  In early June I was diagnosed with breast cancer; Ductal Carsonoma in-site cancer, a non stage nor is it non evasive.  It was in one location only which I am so grateful for.   On Monday 11 July I had a lumpectomy to remove the cancer tissue but with the pathology report coming back saying there was one small area which the margins of safety was not removed so yesterday I had a re-lumpectomy which that area was removed.  I will start five days, six weeks of radiation treatments the latter end of August.  I am grateful to all who has cared for me at Timanogos Hospital and for Dr Jennifer  Tittensor.

Our missionary work has slowed down to keep my lack of energy pace but we have been able to pray and be guided by the spirit who we are to visit and teach for now.  Our couple who she is a member and he is working his way back into membership; we continue to teach them.  The wife has just retired from working.  His application for re-instated into the church is at the First Presidency office and he waits so humbly and patiently to hear from them.  So many blessings have come to this family including their son and wife.  Their son was out of work for over a year and has been blessed to have a job at an airline in the IT department.  He's been serving in the Elders Quorum presidency and this past Sunday was sustained and set apart as the Elders Quorum President.  When we visited his parents this past Sunday on 31 July, he and his family were there.  If they are there when we visit they always sit with us, beautiful couple.  He is endowed and his wife is not but they are working towards that time when they will be sealed as an eternal family.  We have become good friends and love them so much.   I have seen how the gospel changes peoples lives through them.

Our other young couple we have been reading the Book of Mormon to had a flood in their basement apartment; we finally were able to visit them Thursday 28th July, we had a wonderful visit with them, they have had some hard challenges in the past two months.  I asked them if we could start back with them in reading the Boo of Mormon with them and they agreed.  We also feel that her husband who is a member but holds no priesthood that he needs to be with us all the time, that maybe he is feeling left out seeing it's his wife they taught several months ago.  We have a new set of Elders and tonight, 2 August, Ray along with the Elders will start reading with them again and invite her and her husband to have the discussions again.

Also on the 28th July, we visited a darling young couple with one daughter, I wanted to visit them as their last name is Romrell.  I am related to Romrell's through my dad's mother and her family who came from the Channel Islands after being taught by John Taylor before he became the prophet.  His great great grandpa is my great grandpa George Romrell.  He doesn't know a lot about this family so I was able to tell him how they came to Utah and how many of them ended up in Sugar City Idaho where he was born.  He mentioned he was given a VHS tape someone made of the Romrell family, but he can't play it and doesn't know where it is.  I told him I had mine transferred onto a DVD which I will load him, he was excited to be able to watch it.  He is an airline pilot so he has crazy days off.  He is also excited to know more about his Romrell family.  Family history and missionary work go together and I love both of them.

Our districts and zones were changed at the first of July so for our first district meeting with Elder and Sister Hicks, they had us at night and had a wonderful lesson on finding those to teach.  They sang happy birthday to Ray as it was his birthday that night of 22 July.  Our assist to the president for senior missionaries was there, Elder and Sister Van Orman.  They served homemade ice cream afterwards.

We finished our temple preparation class we taught for 7 weeks, it ended up with our two young adults, and Sister Nelson but she had to miss the last two lessons so we'll teach her in her home later this month.

This week I will not be going out to do missionary work but Elder Morley will with the Elders and some ward mission leaders.  Our Stake Presidency is amazing, they are so supportive to us an the Elders. 

Sunday 31 July, we had a 7:00 AM meeting with President Raines, his counselor over missionaries President Duncan along with the two high councilmen as well as the Elders and us.  We split into two groups and for 20 minutes visited with a bishop and his ward mission leader going over non members, less active, non baptized and prospective elders.  We picked up six new families to visit and hopefully teach as well.  The Elders picked up a lot.  President Raines was concerned as we and the Elders visit a lot but not a lot of teaching.  The meeting was very helpful.

On a personal note again.  On 5 July, my grandson William was set apart as a full time missionary, he entered the MTC on 6 July and flew to his mission on Monday 25 July to Scottsdale Arizona which the temp was 112, he wrote saying it was brutally hot.  He has a good senior companion and they are on bikes which is good for him seeing he has ran track for the past six years ant his will keep his legs strong.  They have two baptisms this coming Saturday the 6th August.  He has grown so much spiritually in such a short period of time and yet he's kept his humor.  It's humbling to have a grandson serving same time we are.  We have another grandson who will be serving something in the next couple of months.  I got word from my oldest sister that her granddaughter received her mission call to the Scottsdale Arizona mission, she and William are second cousins and have never met so this will be exciting for them to meet doing the Lord's work.

I want to close bearing my testimony of the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior.  I have learned this past month how powerful prayer is, how many prayers in my behalf I have felt.  I have nothing but gratitude that this cancer was found so early and it's not life threatening.  I am so grateful for the Holy Priesthood and those who honor it and exercise it in ones behalf.  I have felt nothing but gratitude and humbleness through all this.  I have felt peace from the beginning that I am in the Lord's hands and His will will be done.  I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, I know what we teach is true and living the gospel is the only way to happiness not only in this life but for eternity.  I am grateful to be serving our mission together.  I am looking forward to joing my companion again in this great work next week.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

27 June to 10 July 2016

How times flies when you are in the service of others.  on Tuesday 28 June, we had the Elders over for their weekly lunch, this is our time with them alone to coordinate with them of those in our stake they are visiting and or teaching and we are visiting and or teaching.  Next weeks is transfers and we will probably lose at least one of them who has been with us for the past six months, Elder Fairbanks.

We had dinner with the Reis family in our ward; she is a member, served a full time mission on Temple Square and then visited Germany and fell in love with a wonderful young man who is not a member.  They have a 4 year old daughter and a two year old son.  They had invited us over for a BBQ.  We were told by Sister Reis that her husband didn't believe in a God but as the time with them went by, he and Elder Morley had a wonderful visit discussing a variety of subjects but always coming back to the subject of the world around us.  He mentioned that recently he goes out at night and looks up at the sky and sees all the stars, moon, etc and wonders about a supreme being. 

Before they were married they discussed how their children would be raised and it was decided in the Mormon faith.  They have prayers, family home evening, he comes to church at times and is taken by those who bear their testimonies to the truth of the gospel and know it's true, he said he can feel what they say they believe.  He's like science, likes things proven to him.  The spirit in their home and lives is very strong and sweet.  We are welcome to come back again.  They are leaving for about a month to visit family out of the country so we have decided to wait until they come back home to visit them again and give a lesson to him. 

Our couple whom we have been reading the Book of Mormon with for the past few months had their basement apartment flooded so we have not been able to visit them a they are staying with the husband's mother in another town but I stay in touch with her via texting.  We hope to get back with them as soon as they move back in.  At first the owners were being stinkers and didn't want them back but the flood was not their fault, it was aa water pipe which burst, they are good renters and the place is always clean.  We are glad they will be moving back in the apartment soon.

On Friday 1 July, we had our District Meeting with Elder Morley and I doing the teaching on the subject of helping those whom we teach recognize the spirit and we as missionaries have the spirit with us. 

We met with our couple where the husband is working his way back into the church, he's met with his bishop and stake president and now it's in the Lord's hands.  He is so humble, they are such sweethearts and have grown closer together.  They thank us for challenging them to have prayers together, they have them at night then when she retires the end of this month they will be able to have them in the morning as well.  They said that has brought the spirit into their home stronger than it's been.  We have become good friends with them as well.  We feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and this path they are walking.

We also visited on Friday 1 July, a recent widow, Sister Baker.  She has taken care of her husband who has been bedridden for the past several years, he passed away last week.  She is at peace but misses her husband.  Her daughter from Kearns was there with her, our visit was enjoyable.

Saturday we had the opportunity to help a new neighbor move in next door to us.  A week before we helped a new neighbor move in across from us; both families are active.  This latest move in drove all the way from Washington D C with his brother-in-law.  His wife with their four young children and her mother will fly in tomorrow night, his wife has never seen the house except in pictures.  He said he felt very strong they needed to move back to Utah even though his job back east offered him much more money to stay, he said it still wouldn't be enough to allow his wife to stay home if they tried to get into a bigger place to live.  They have been living in a two bedroom apartment with four children ages 6 down to 2 years old.  It's great to have active, faithful members move in to help build up the kingdom.

Sunday 3 July, we decided to attend all three hours of our own ward which is always nice to see our ward members.  We met and visited with a new family who has moved from Arizona, again, they were prompted to move here and to this area, they too are active.  We then attended the 6th ward's fast and testimony meeting at 1:30 PM.

We gave our fourth Temple Preparation class to our two youth, our one adult sister had let us know her family was having a BBQ and the couple not sure what happened.  We are so enjoying teaching this class to those who really want to learn more of the temple.

This week has been really slow as many are out of town.  On the 4th of July in Provo, Utah at he Provo Freedom Parade, the Utah Orem and Utah Provo missionaries, young and senior were invited to walk in the parade or the seniors could ride.  We opted not to participate as we have walked in that parade a few years ago with our stake float.  The crowd gave very loud cheers as the missionaries came by.  Our Elders McHood and Fairbanks came by later with sunburn faces.  Talking of Elder Fairbanks, he was transferred to Pleasant Grove, we are blessed to have Elder Westphal from Ohio.  he and Elder Fairbanks were in the MTC together.

Tuesday night, 5 July, we drove to West Point, Utah to see our grandson William be set apart for his mission to Scottsdale Arizona.  He was given a very powerful, full of promises blessing.  I am still trying to wrap my head around not being able to see him for two years but then I remember we'll be serving missions at the same time as he and his cousin who will be going in the next few months.  William entered the MTC on Wednesday 6 July, he was ready to go. 

With our grandson William at his mission setting apart
We had Zone Training meeting on Friday 8th July, it was packed with so much, we had prayed that we would be taught things which would help us teach better and be better missionaries and it fulfilled that need. 

We met with our weekly Friday afternoon couple and gave them a lesson on Grace.  The spirit was strong and at the end there were tears.  We have grown to love this couple and they love us.  It's so wonderful to see the Atonement bless the life of one who is willing to submit himself to the Lord..

Saturday 9th July, we held a BBQ in our backyard with our two new families and invited the neighbors on either side of the one across from us, one was able to come, they are less active but their children are involved in church activities.  We had not really met the husband as he is very quiet but he and Elder Morley sat on the lawn swing and had a delightful conversation.  The other family are non members and would have been there except they had a family reunion.  We also invited our dear friend Kristy who is a widow since February to join with us as well seeing her home faces ours and close to the other homes as well.  It was a wonderful, enjoyable evening, getting to know one another.

Today, Sunday 10th July, Elder Morley had asked me what wards I thought we should attend today and with a lot of thought and prayer I told him I felt we should visit the 3rd ward at 9:30 AM and the 7th Ward at 11:00 AM in another building.  The spirit knew we needed to be at both places.  The talks were wonderful, we came away spiritually fed well.  In the 7th Ward, they had us stand at the end of the meeting, we thinking they were going to call us up but the counselor told the congregation what our roll is among each ward and to use us as they reach out to their neighbors.  After the meeting the same counselor came to us and asked us to speak in September.  The talks were on Integrity, again so spiritually fed.

We look forward in visiting and teaching and inviting those of our Heavenly Fathers children to come back, come back and bask in the gospel.  I am so humble that the Lord called us to serve this mission.  I know God lives, I know He knows each of us and has a plan for each of us.  I know our Savior has a great love for us.  I know we have a living prophet on the earth today, apostles and the fullness of the truth is upon the earth.  I know the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel and witnesses of our Savior, Jesus  Christ.  We are so blessed to be living in this day a age. 

We taught our 5th temple preparation lesson tonight on why symbols and about them.  Wonderful spirit was there.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week of 20-26 June 2016

It's been quite the week, visited a few families again, with the summer here many are gone on vacation or have other activities to do.  Other senior couples and full time Elders are having the same thing happening, their teaching pools are down. 

We have been teaching a temple preparation class on Sunday night, we just finished lesson 3 of 7.  Two of the participants is a young lady who has received her mission call and went through the temple for the first time almost two weeks ago, she was able to share her feelings and experience and looks forward to the rest of the lessons so it will help her understand the temple better.  The other young person is a young man who is preparing for his mission, great spirit about him.  Another person is a widow who is our neighbor, she is so darling.  Then there is the couple who had come once together and the wife came alone last night.  Her husband struggles with how he see's church members act, not separating their actions from the gospel.  He's a good man and we'll keep reaching out to him and his wife.

We gave a FHE lesson to a family  we have been working with.  The husband is in his mid 40's, been on a mission, a few years ago had a heart attack and has other medical problems including obesity so he doesn't get around too well.  He doesn't hold a job but his wife is working full time.  They have four beautiful children from 8-17 years old.  There is a lot of negative going around starting with the dad and trying to force the kids to like pray or sit in a certain place.  Once they got it all settled I gave the lesson on Choices taken from President Monson's four minute General Conference talk in April 2016 and another talk on your four minutes by Elder Gary Stevenson in 2013, it was a 10 minute lesson which I showed a 1 minute video on choices by Elder Ridd of the Seventy.  Their 11 year old had made brownies for dessert.  I pray that this will help each one in the family to think of their choices.  They are a lovely family but I feel with the dad's health problems and the mother being the sole bread winner it's taken a toll on the family, oh, by the way, they are living with her father who is single so he is not quite about them living there either.  We will keep visiting and praying for them.  Elder Morley did challenge the father to hold FHE next Sunday and we'll check with them to see how it went.

We have appointments every day this week so we are looking forward to all the visits.

Yesterday was a sweet Sabbath day for us as grandparents.  My youngest daughter's son, William has received his mission call to serve in the Scottsdale Arizona Mission.  He spoke at his mission farewell yesterday on the Restoration of the Gospel, did great.  He told us how he's always wanted to serve a mission but then a 1 1/2 years ago started doubting, this past year he really pondered and made the decision he really wanted to serve  a mission.  He mentioned about two missionaries who taught his dad in California and if it wasn't for them he wouldn't be here.  He thanked his friends for being good friends, his parents for their example.  For his mom encouraging him to run with her as he has ran track at school for the past six years, I will miss not seeing him run cross country, indoor and outdoor track but will look forward reading his letters.  Serving our mission along with him and his cousin who  will be going later this year.

His Stake President spoke for a few minutes asking William to stand beside him.  William is known in the ward and friends as Iron Will.  He has amazing endurance on Trek a few years ago and on the priests Sons of Helaman which they climbed Mount Baldy, at each stop William would always be the first one to that area then would encourage the other boys they could make it.  He then told us how over the years he has pondered about Meekness, what is meek?  He said while William was speaking the spirit bore witness to him that William is Meek, that is what meekness is.  He was very emotional as he spoke which many of us were emotional as well. 

Elder William Cannon
called to serve in the
Scottsdale Arizona Mission

His father, a good man in the law enforcement, had gone less active, today has touched his heart and he said it's time to come back so when William comes home from his mission he can attend the temple with him.  His parents were married in the temple, when he started working UHP he stepped off the path of activity, but such a support to his family which I grateful for.  Missions bring miracles to so many, family, strangers, wards, so many of  God's children. 

I am so grateful for our mission, for our son's and daughters-in-law who have served and now for our grandchildren who are making that choice to serve Heavenly Father and His children.

I so enjoy working with the Bishop's, Stake President and counselor, high councilmen over missionary work, our young Elders, Ward mission leaders and the members of the wards in the stake.  The gospel is so true.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Monday 20 June 2016, Way too long since last post

It's been way too long since I posted back towards the end of April.  Between the mission and family life it's been very busy so here goes the Readers Digest version.

The Lord's work is moving along.  On Saturday 30 April, we had a Utah Orem Mission special meeting with Apostle Elder Rasband and Elder's Todd Hansen and Christensen of the Seventy.  It was an amazing meeting to be taught by an apostle.  Before the meeting began Elder Rasband along with our mission President and Sister Killpack shook hands with each of us, 170 young Elders and Sisters and 52 senior couples.

Sister Killpack bore a beautiful testimony as did President Killpack.  Elder Todd Hansen spoke from Chapter 11 from Preach My  Gospel inviting those we teach to make commitments.  Elder Christensen spoke on you and your calling and serving members.  He said when President Monson announced the missionary age change in October 2012 General Conference that most who were listening missed something very important that he said, he said that for the members to work with the full time missionaries in helping their neighbors to come unto Christ.

Elder Rasband spoke telling us that this mission along with two other missions in Utah are the strongest in the church, in attendance, tithes and fast offering and sending their son's and daughter's out on missions.  He also mentioned how blessed we are in Utah to have senior stay at home missionary couples, it's been a tremendous blessing in the missionary work.

He opened it up to questions and answering period the last two hours which was so good to hear the young missionaries ask good questions.  He talked and asked about the worth of a soul from D & C 14,15,16,18, he invited us to be Divinely Bold and always follow the first prompting and Endure to the End.

We have had several contacts with several people within the Stake, mostly one of the spouses have gone inactive.  We have taught and finished just last Friday 17 June with a couple whom he is working his way back into the church, his wife has stood by him and what love they have for each other.  We taught them all the missionary lessons including the new one on temples and family history work which on that lesson their son and daughter-in-law were there and they sat in on the lesson.  The son has been through the temple and one a mission but his wife has not been through the temple and is working her way to be prepared to go soon.  She is very much involved with family history work.  He has been out of work for several months and has been wearing on him.  The following week when we visited we were told that their son had gotten a good job with an airline, they were thrilled.

During one of the lessons, I felt impressed to challenge them to have prayers together.  She still works for a few more weeks so she leaves early and goes to bed early but they took the challenge and they said the spirit in their home has increased since praying together.  They also took the challenge to talk to their non-member neighbor and ask them if we could visit which they agreed to.  We visited with them and had a wonderful visit.  They are Catholics, they love having Mormon neighbors as they are quiet and decent people, they invited us back for us to tell them about our beliefs.

We are teaching a temple preparation class in our ward on Sunday night, one of the couples who said they would come have not come which saddens us, the husband has been on a mission but both are less active, he was excited to be invited but for some reason they have not come, we have visited them and reminded them of the class, but maybe they aren't ready yet.  We have had an enjoyable time with a young couple with three children come, a young man getting ready for his mission, a young lady who has received her mission call and a widow neighbor of ours.  It's exciting to see them interested and doing the reading assignments.

Mixed in with the mission are family blessings as well.  I was able to see my youngest granddaughter Emilie play one game of soccer which she is very good at, she is 10 1/2 and defends well.  Her brother William received his mission call on 19 June but didn't open it until two days later so family and friends could be there.  He didn't want to stay in the United States and wanted foreign speaking, he read his call and he has been called to serve in the Scottsdale Arizona Mission, he enters the MTC on 6 July, from that day he had just 45 days to get ready.  He said for the past two weeks he had Arizona come to his mind often.

He runs track and I was able to watch him in his final track meets, he missed going to state but now can see the wisdom in not going.  I have watched him for the past 6 years run cross country, indoor and outdoor track and it's been so enjoyable to see him grow. 

Our May was busy with mission and end of school activities with family.  Went to granddaughter Nicole's orchestra concert, she is in the Chamber Orchestra, she has one more year in high school.  We had three grandson's graduate this year from high school starting with Jeremy from American Fork High on 27 May, so proud of that young man.  His family lived in Korea for five years so he had not had any American schooling until he came back ten years ago, he has worked hard.  I then flew to Las Vegas on Sunday night the 29th May to attend a grandson, Jarrett's promotion from Elementary to Middle School.  I was able to spend time with my daughter and family which was wonderful.  While in the airport I ran into Brad Wilcox and got to talk with him. 

I flew home from Las Vegas on 1 June and the next day we had two more graduations, Kyle from West Jordan High, it was held at the Viviant (Delta) Center at 10:00 AM, we arrived early to see him and get pictures, as soon a his name was called and he walked we had to leave to drive to Weber State's Dee Events  for William who graduated from Syracuse High.  So proud of these four grandson's.    If that wasn't enough, Ray's cousin whom he is close to and who he and his wife had served an MLS mission being released last summer passed away from a fall he had a few weeks earlier.  I had known the family since I was young as they were in my stake and the father was in our stake presidency, I had gone to school with this cousin as well as friends with the sister my age.  He and his wife had visited us in the fall when we received our mission call and had spent four hours with us showing us what they had learned on this mission and gave us so much which has been a help to us.

We have had wonderful District meetings, Zone Training meetings and Zone Conference with Elder Ringwood from the Seventy speaking to us.  We have the Elders in our area over for lunch each Tuesday, this way they get fed and we can coordinate with them as well.  I will miss these two when either or both are transferred.  We keep reaching out to those who have strayed off the path, inviting them to come back to their Savior and receive all the blessings he has for them. 

This mission is so wonderful, it was a huge challenge for me at first but as one loses themselves in the lives of others the love of the Savior comes and you know what you are doing is so right.  I will do better in keeping up the blog.