Monday, January 9, 2017

2nd January to 8th January 2017

After putting away the indoor Christmas decorations which is sad for me each year, we visited a couple whom their bishop had asked us to visit.  They are in their late 50's, the wife is very active but the husband for some reason has gone less active the last couple of years.  He served a mission in Seoul South Korea which was an opener for me as I have two Korean daughters-in-law so we talked a little about Korea as I have been their twice.

We noticed the many colonial pictures in their home; they invited us to sit and visit with them then they told us about his love of colonial times and history in general.  Well, that opened up a dialogue with he and Elder Morley as Ray's major in college was American History.  He has quite a collection of WW II vehicles which one is a jeep which runs; in fact he has been in several parades dressed as General MacArthur.  By the way, their house number is 1776, really and their home is a colonial style.

We had a delightful visit with them and 1 1/2 hours later when it was going on dinner time we said we needed to go, they didn't want us to leave but they did show us the jeep and invited us to come back which we will.  When we reported our visit to the bishop he said that he visits very well if he feels he can trust the person which it sounds like he did trust us.  He's and his wife are wonderful people, we look forward going back.

Our little family we teach on Tuesday was too sick for us to visit at all this week.  I was able to help a 13 year old granddaughter on family history, helping her to know how to clear a name to take to the temple and print the card out at home, she was so thrilled to do this.  Then I was on Skype with my brother in North Carolina helping him with some family history.

With our weather so frigid cold this past week, we chose not to go out in it at night but did contact some of our people who we could like the Hardinger's, a couple close to our age, we've become close friends.  He is waiting for permission to be re-baptized, such a humble man.

We attended our own fast and testimony meeting yesterday then the 5th ward's as well, such a spirit in both wards.  it's nice to attend other wards to meet the members.

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