Monday, March 21, 2016

Week of 14 March to 20 March 2016

We took Monday the 14th off to do things around the house and to do  planning for the rest of the week.  Tuesday we attended the temple and did family sealing's which are always so special.  I am grateful we are able to attend the temple as it is such a blessing and helps to be more in tune spiritually.

We visited a daughter-in-law to her in-laws who are living with her and their son, they have used their health as an excuse not to attend church but they are able to shop Wal Mart, their son is concerned.  We have tried contacting them several times and the last time Ray talked with them they told him that they would call us.  We wanted to visit with the son and his wife to let them know what we had done and what was going on.  I have learned what enduring to the end means in many ways and this is one way I have learned, continue with your activity.  I see one in our ward who can hardly walk with a cane but he comes and teaches the High Priests.  I see those who can hardly walk or in wheelchairs attend the temple regularly, they are great examples to me to Endure to the End.

We met with our you family in our own ward, we talked about she and her husband taking the temple prep class.  Her husband wasn't home but she would talk to him, I told her that there was no obligations, it's a great way to be taught what they can teach in preparation in becoming temple worthy and receiving their temple blessings, that made her more at ease as her husband doesn't like to be pushed into anything.  We visited with her a few days later and she had talked with her husband and he is willing to take the class, she also invited us to visit when he is home which is a big step for him.  Even though he serves in the ward, he is sporadic, great couple with three beautiful children. Our bishop is going to call a teacher to teach the temple prep class and invite others to attend.

We also had our monthly meeting with our Stake President, the counselor over missionary program in the stake, the high councilor and one of the full time elders as they were on splits.  Poor Elder Fairbanks was so sick he just sat there, his companion was with a ward mission leader at a family's home in the stake, he was also sick.  This is the first time they have been sick being away from home, so he as sat away from the rest of us.  I love our Stake President, he is so amazing with such spiritual insite.

That same night on the 15th, we met with another couple in another ward in the stake, they have both served missions, have one 4 year old boy who is darling.  They have gone inactive as at least the husband has become angry and upset over them not being able to have another baby.  In our conversation they opened up to us and really poured their hearts out.  We were able to tell them about both of our oldest daughters who couldn't have children but adopted.  I told them of Elder Neal A Maxwell's council to my daughter which was to continue to pray, read scriptures, stay active and attend the temple often which they did and they were blessed with their daughter.  They asked us if we would keep them in our prayers which we will be so happy to do.  Ray had some thoughts he was going to say but the spirit guided him to council them to become temple worthy again and attend the temple.  The spirit was so strong in their home, beautiful couple just hurting.

On Wednesday 16th we were able to meet our new grandson, number 29,  Ray's oldest son and his wife.  He is so beautiful, so new from Heavenly Father.  We then had our neighbors kitty corner from us over for dinner, they are non-members, have had some bad experiences when they lived in Park City but the two years they have lived in this neighborhood they have so enjoyed it and have a different perspective of Mormon's.  They have two daughters and one son.  He use to work for a garage door place until last December when he had an accident and his one foot and ankle was crushed.  Ray and the other neighbors have helped them with snow removal, getting garbage cans out, yard work.  The Lord sure does provide opportunities to serve others.   We then read with our young couple afterwards, she is loving the Book of Mormon now she has some understanding and we help her to understand it.

We had a great District Meeting on Friday 18th, the couple who gave the training lesson did it on the Proclamation on the Family.  Took each paragraph and read an explanation by Elder Merrill J. Bateman from a talk he gave.  It was suggested that we use this to teach families when prompted to do so, it's such a powerful proclamation.

Saturday we were able to gather with my kids and their families for our Easter family party, not all were there but who was there, it was wonderful being with them.  This mission gives us this opportunity to spend time with family which I am grateful for, for this is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about, eternal families.

Sunday the 20th was the day the long awaited Provo City Center Temple was dedicated, what an out pouring of the spirit.  It is like our own lives, we sometimes have parts of our lives in ashes but our Savior can rebuild it through the Atonement and His Grace.  I am so grateful for temples, for eternal families, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for my testimony and membership, for our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ and for the Holy Ghost.