Sunday, July 10, 2016

27 June to 10 July 2016

How times flies when you are in the service of others.  on Tuesday 28 June, we had the Elders over for their weekly lunch, this is our time with them alone to coordinate with them of those in our stake they are visiting and or teaching and we are visiting and or teaching.  Next weeks is transfers and we will probably lose at least one of them who has been with us for the past six months, Elder Fairbanks.

We had dinner with the Reis family in our ward; she is a member, served a full time mission on Temple Square and then visited Germany and fell in love with a wonderful young man who is not a member.  They have a 4 year old daughter and a two year old son.  They had invited us over for a BBQ.  We were told by Sister Reis that her husband didn't believe in a God but as the time with them went by, he and Elder Morley had a wonderful visit discussing a variety of subjects but always coming back to the subject of the world around us.  He mentioned that recently he goes out at night and looks up at the sky and sees all the stars, moon, etc and wonders about a supreme being. 

Before they were married they discussed how their children would be raised and it was decided in the Mormon faith.  They have prayers, family home evening, he comes to church at times and is taken by those who bear their testimonies to the truth of the gospel and know it's true, he said he can feel what they say they believe.  He's like science, likes things proven to him.  The spirit in their home and lives is very strong and sweet.  We are welcome to come back again.  They are leaving for about a month to visit family out of the country so we have decided to wait until they come back home to visit them again and give a lesson to him. 

Our couple whom we have been reading the Book of Mormon with for the past few months had their basement apartment flooded so we have not been able to visit them a they are staying with the husband's mother in another town but I stay in touch with her via texting.  We hope to get back with them as soon as they move back in.  At first the owners were being stinkers and didn't want them back but the flood was not their fault, it was aa water pipe which burst, they are good renters and the place is always clean.  We are glad they will be moving back in the apartment soon.

On Friday 1 July, we had our District Meeting with Elder Morley and I doing the teaching on the subject of helping those whom we teach recognize the spirit and we as missionaries have the spirit with us. 

We met with our couple where the husband is working his way back into the church, he's met with his bishop and stake president and now it's in the Lord's hands.  He is so humble, they are such sweethearts and have grown closer together.  They thank us for challenging them to have prayers together, they have them at night then when she retires the end of this month they will be able to have them in the morning as well.  They said that has brought the spirit into their home stronger than it's been.  We have become good friends with them as well.  We feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and this path they are walking.

We also visited on Friday 1 July, a recent widow, Sister Baker.  She has taken care of her husband who has been bedridden for the past several years, he passed away last week.  She is at peace but misses her husband.  Her daughter from Kearns was there with her, our visit was enjoyable.

Saturday we had the opportunity to help a new neighbor move in next door to us.  A week before we helped a new neighbor move in across from us; both families are active.  This latest move in drove all the way from Washington D C with his brother-in-law.  His wife with their four young children and her mother will fly in tomorrow night, his wife has never seen the house except in pictures.  He said he felt very strong they needed to move back to Utah even though his job back east offered him much more money to stay, he said it still wouldn't be enough to allow his wife to stay home if they tried to get into a bigger place to live.  They have been living in a two bedroom apartment with four children ages 6 down to 2 years old.  It's great to have active, faithful members move in to help build up the kingdom.

Sunday 3 July, we decided to attend all three hours of our own ward which is always nice to see our ward members.  We met and visited with a new family who has moved from Arizona, again, they were prompted to move here and to this area, they too are active.  We then attended the 6th ward's fast and testimony meeting at 1:30 PM.

We gave our fourth Temple Preparation class to our two youth, our one adult sister had let us know her family was having a BBQ and the couple not sure what happened.  We are so enjoying teaching this class to those who really want to learn more of the temple.

This week has been really slow as many are out of town.  On the 4th of July in Provo, Utah at he Provo Freedom Parade, the Utah Orem and Utah Provo missionaries, young and senior were invited to walk in the parade or the seniors could ride.  We opted not to participate as we have walked in that parade a few years ago with our stake float.  The crowd gave very loud cheers as the missionaries came by.  Our Elders McHood and Fairbanks came by later with sunburn faces.  Talking of Elder Fairbanks, he was transferred to Pleasant Grove, we are blessed to have Elder Westphal from Ohio.  he and Elder Fairbanks were in the MTC together.

Tuesday night, 5 July, we drove to West Point, Utah to see our grandson William be set apart for his mission to Scottsdale Arizona.  He was given a very powerful, full of promises blessing.  I am still trying to wrap my head around not being able to see him for two years but then I remember we'll be serving missions at the same time as he and his cousin who will be going in the next few months.  William entered the MTC on Wednesday 6 July, he was ready to go. 

With our grandson William at his mission setting apart
We had Zone Training meeting on Friday 8th July, it was packed with so much, we had prayed that we would be taught things which would help us teach better and be better missionaries and it fulfilled that need. 

We met with our weekly Friday afternoon couple and gave them a lesson on Grace.  The spirit was strong and at the end there were tears.  We have grown to love this couple and they love us.  It's so wonderful to see the Atonement bless the life of one who is willing to submit himself to the Lord..

Saturday 9th July, we held a BBQ in our backyard with our two new families and invited the neighbors on either side of the one across from us, one was able to come, they are less active but their children are involved in church activities.  We had not really met the husband as he is very quiet but he and Elder Morley sat on the lawn swing and had a delightful conversation.  The other family are non members and would have been there except they had a family reunion.  We also invited our dear friend Kristy who is a widow since February to join with us as well seeing her home faces ours and close to the other homes as well.  It was a wonderful, enjoyable evening, getting to know one another.

Today, Sunday 10th July, Elder Morley had asked me what wards I thought we should attend today and with a lot of thought and prayer I told him I felt we should visit the 3rd ward at 9:30 AM and the 7th Ward at 11:00 AM in another building.  The spirit knew we needed to be at both places.  The talks were wonderful, we came away spiritually fed well.  In the 7th Ward, they had us stand at the end of the meeting, we thinking they were going to call us up but the counselor told the congregation what our roll is among each ward and to use us as they reach out to their neighbors.  After the meeting the same counselor came to us and asked us to speak in September.  The talks were on Integrity, again so spiritually fed.

We look forward in visiting and teaching and inviting those of our Heavenly Fathers children to come back, come back and bask in the gospel.  I am so humble that the Lord called us to serve this mission.  I know God lives, I know He knows each of us and has a plan for each of us.  I know our Savior has a great love for us.  I know we have a living prophet on the earth today, apostles and the fullness of the truth is upon the earth.  I know the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel and witnesses of our Savior, Jesus  Christ.  We are so blessed to be living in this day a age. 

We taught our 5th temple preparation lesson tonight on why symbols and about them.  Wonderful spirit was there.

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