Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week of 18-24 January 2016

This past week has gone by so fast, here it is Tuesday night and I am finally writing my weekly blog.  Last week was wonderful!  Ono Wednesday 20th we attended along with 75,000 others serving missions for a World Wide Mission Broadcast originating from the Conference Center in the Little Theater where Elders and Sister missionaries from four missions were invited to attend, the rest watched it via satellite.

Elders Bednar and Oaks of the Quorum Apostles were the main speakers with other general authorities from the Quorum of Seventy and Sister Oscarson, Young Women's General President who is also on the missionary committee.  For two hours we were taught and instructed.

We visited a Sister Balle who is a member, 87 years young, we had visited her ward a few weeks before and they had introduced as, a woman came up to Ray asking if he were related to Isaac Morley as there was a sister in the ward who was and would like to meet him.  We met her on Wednesday 20th, when she opened the door I knew I knew her but wasn't sure where.  She and Ray had a wonderful time looking over the Morley family history as Isaac Morley is both their 3rd great grandfather.  She then mentioned she moved from Kearns after so many years, she lives in the basement of her daughter's home.  After asking her where in Kearns, we discovered we lived in the same stake, I remembered her, she was an amazing pianist, played for our stake choir each Christmas when presented a musical program.  Small world.

We then met the Elders at a home of a member whose father has moved in with her and her family for now, he's been on and off in his church attendance, had a sweet visit with him, Ray and I will visit him weekly and leave a message for him to encourage him to become worthy to go to the temple, his daughter loves him so much, his grandson is amazing as well, he bore a strong testimony of the power of prayer to his grandpa.

Thursday the 21st, we attended our first Zone Conference of 3 1/2 hours but oh, so worth it.  We again were taught and instructed by our mission mom, Sister Killpack and President Killpack, as well as Elder Van Orman who is over the senior missionaries as well as President McFarlane who is the Van Orman's stake president instructed us.

Our reading with our part member family is going so well, Ray and I both felt to skip ahead in the Book of Mormon to the words of our Savior when he visits the Nephites after his resurrection, this has been a blessing especially to the husband who is the investigator, he has so enjoyed reading the words of Christ as there are many of his teachings in the Bible which he is familiar with.  He was taught the law of tithing the other night and agrees with it.

On Friday I helped the wife, April in registering her LDS account so she could see her family on Family Search, she was really touched in seeing the names of her ancestors.   She added her own family's information.

Sunday's are very busy and this past Sunday was really busy as we have our weekly 8:00 AM meeting with the Elders along with each ward's mission leader and the two high councilmen assigned over missionary work and sometimes President Duncan second counselor in the stake presidency over missionary work in the stake,  Then it was off to meet a bishop at 10:00 AM then back to our ward for Sacrament meeting at 10:50 AM as Ray and I were speaking.  We had two young women speaking before us and they both gave part of my talk on prayer and being an instrument in the Lord's hands.  It was home for a quick lunch, call my grandson Jeremy and sing happy birthday to him then off to a 1:00 PM Ward Conference which was so good.  We met with another bishop at 2:30 PM then home for a couple of hours before we went to our family to read to them, home and dinner.  We then were able to drive to American Fork to my grandson Jeremy's to celebrate his birthday and have ice cream and cake and visit with the family which was so enjoyable, we swapped family stories.

The following picture is of our Zone Conference, this is the Northern group seeing we have a large group of senior missionaries, in fact our mission has the largest amount of senior missionaries that any other mission in the world with 52 couples, President Killpack is wanting a senior couple in each stake in the mission which would be 92.  We are in the top picture, second row in the middle.

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