Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Week of 24 February 2016

I'm a bit late getting this post out this week, I was under the weather for 24 hours this past Tuesday but all is well again.

Last week was so enjoyable.  Sunday the 24th we started out at our weekly 8:00 AM mission leadership meeting, oh by the way, it was snowing that day as well.  We then met with a bishop in our stake which is so helpful as they get to know who we are and we get to know them.  We then spoke in our own ward, it was so nice being among people we know.  We then attended a ward conference at 1:00 PM then met with another bishop afterwards.  We were able to read with our family in the Book of Mormon which is coming along so well, the husband loves reading it.   We were then able to visit our grandson Jeremy for his 19th birthday and have cake and ice cream and sit and visit with them which was so enjoyable, lots of laughing with memories.

On Monday 25th, we met with our mission President Killpack, we know each other so it was just making sure we were doing ok and if we needed anything.  He also took a picture of us which I will post.

On Wednesday 27th  Ray received a text from the Elders early this morning asking if we were available to meet them at a single sisters home at 9:00 AM, luckily we were.  She is a young single mother of two darling young children.  She knew she needed to change her life around not only for her but for her children as well, she has a friend who is a member and told her about the church.  The Elders have been teaching her for just a few times and he is loving the Book of Mormon and loves learning about the restoration, the Plan of Salvation, she just can't get enough of it, she wants them to come by daily if possible.  Ray was able to explain a bit clearer on something the Elders were trying to teach her a bit clearer.

We then visited Sister Balle whom I knew in my former stake in Kearns in the 70's.  She and Ray are related through Isaac Morley who is both of their 3rd great grandfather.  We are sharing pictures, and other items with each other.  She loves the visits as she is a widow and a delightful person.  We also ready with our family again tonight.

Thursday, 28 January marks our first month on our mission.  We visited a gentleman in our stake who is coming back into activity, he lives with his daughter for now, he's delightful, has had some rough times in his life but is finding out that attending his meetings and paying tithing is helping him in so many ways.  The Elders called us this afternoon asking if we could meet them at a single sisters home whose granddaughter was baptized last year who is 11 years old.    The grandmother who is a widow and a member has custody of the granddaughter and her older brother,  Somehow the family has gotten lost in the ward as they have not been going to church for a while.  When we first arrived the young lady was all over the place, she was not connecting with anyone until Elder Edlinger held up a pamphlet and spoke the words, "The Restoration"  she stopped and came over next to her grandma and the Elders and listened and answered questions, she remembered what she had been taught.  I saw the light come into her eyes then her entire body came alive with the spirit, by the time we left she was glowing and had settled down.  We reported our visit to the Ward Mission Leader as they need primary and relief society and home teachers in their home.. We read again with our family whom we love so much.

Friday was District Meeting in the morning.   Ray and I took the afternoon off and drove up to the Olympic Oval to see our grandson William run indoor 2 mile which he came in second in his heat.  Left there and read once again with our family.

It is humbling to see the light of the gospel come into people's lives, to see them grow in their understanding and testimony.  To hear a father say he wants nothing more that to be sealed as a family for eternity and he is working hard to overcome a habit.  I have seen a change in a person's personality, one who use to swear and fly off the handle and now he has no desire to do any of it.  I have witness a young girl come alive when the spirit has touched her.  How I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Atonement is real, there is nothing a person has done that can not be forgiven through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

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